Young people are suffering horrendous intimidation through social media. The way people are bullied has changed massively, now it is global and does not end when a person walks away. We want young people to be able to use the service, hear from others who have had similar experiences and receive counselling. The service could also refer them on to more specialist external services if they need it.

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Harmony Anti-Bullying Initiative

There is a ‘Desperate Need’ To Tackle Cyber-Bullying In Bolton. Harmony Youth Project are in the process of setting up the group after being approached by young people who say there is a desperate need for more support. The new charity aims to provide more help particularly to those who are being bullied on social media sites. Project manager Charlie Barrett said: “The idea to set up an anti-bullying charity came from young people, and when young people come to you, you know there is a demand for a service like this.”