Harmony's Music Facilities.

We are equipped with two fully working recording studios, a filming & photography studio, art and craft rooms and a large dance floor, there is also a small stage area for live performances.

Harmony's Music Services

We provide a wide range of Musical Services for young people. Click the menu below to jump to your place of interest.

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Music Production and Studio Hire

Check out our New Recording Studio Facilities and make your creative dreams come to life... we have some hidden gems working within Harmony's music facilities. Did you know that some of our music tutors have worked with the likes of huge stars like Lionel Ritchie? Why not come and visit our premises or book some profesional tuition. See details and pricing below.

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Song Writing

Have you ever fancied writing your own song? how about writing and recording your own song? At Harmony we have the means to make this dream come true... whether you be are a schcool looking to make a song for christmans, or a radio broadcast, we have the creative tools and personnel to assist you in fufilling this goal. Check out music packages below.

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Learn to Play the Keyboard

With the depth of musical talent we have from keyboard players to guitarist we can give you tuition and make you a competent keyboard or guitar player. See prices below.

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DJ & MC'ing Tuition

We have a number of DJs that hire our premises that have played major clubs across the country. They often come here to make mix cds for distribution or sale. They form part of Harmony and as such they offer cheap DJ tuition to anyone willing to learn. Please call and enquire about thise service

Phone: 01204 496 161

Pro Music Tuition.


  • Duration 2 Sessions
  • Introduction to Production and or recording
  • Sessions with a Professional Music Producer
  • Production of a short piece of original music


  • Duration 6-8 Sessions
  • Basic to Intermediate training in production using Logic X with a qualified produce
  • Introduction to Mixing and Mastering
  • Introduction to Sound Recording
  • Production of a piece of original music andphoto shoot.


  • Duration 10-12 Sessions.
  • Training in sound recording and editing.
  • Vocal and Instrument recording.
  • Training in mixing and mastering.
  • Production of 2 to 3 pieces of original music.
  • Physical copy of the songs with artwork.
  • Intermediate to Advanced training in music production using Logic X.
  • Photo shoot and Music Video.