Our quick dance dance video

Dance routine with the children from ACIS School   We really enjoyed our session with the children from a local school in Bolton who do fantastic work in placements and preparation for children to further education, the children come to our centre as an introduction to video and photography, on this occasion we made a […]

ACIS children at our centre

Acis children at the centre The Achievement Cohesion and Integration Service (ACIS)supports families who are new to the UK and speak English as an additional language (EAL), including families from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities to apply for school places in Bolton. Here are some great images of the children that come to our centre […]

Tesco singer has her day!

keen singer!   MOST people hear Esther Bridge before they see her. The keen singer is such a hit with staff at Tesco Express in Deane Road, customer assistant Chris Lowe has teamed up with Charlie Barratt at the Harmony Youth Project in Halliwell to treat her to a professional recording session. The 77-year-old, who worked in […]

New project for Harmony

New Song for Christmas   We are producing a festive song related to all things this Christmas with the boys and girls from St. James primary school Bolton, we love working with these great kids, we have completed previous projects with the school and are excited with this venture, the kids have already brain stormed […]

Our new Centre Refurbishment Update

Here’s a few pictures with our centre looking spic and span after the refurbishment kindly donated from Artez building company

Harmony Refurbishment

Refurbishment Our centre is looking good, Artez building company are working wonders, we are now laying the new floor, then it’s a huge tidy project.

St. James Primary School Radio Play

St. James Primary School Radio Play Here’s a few pictures of some great students from St. James, the students, wrote and performed a play about inclusion, discrimination and anti-bullying, from writing the play, learning the script and performing in our studio.

Community Ambassadors Programme

Community Ambassadors Programme   We really enjoyed our Birmingham trip for the Community Ambassadors Programme with Clarion, we will be looking for anyone who wants to take part locally, lots of opportunities to be had, give us a shout. More information to come!     More information here.

The Rotary Club of Bolton Daybreak

The Rotary Club of Bolton Daybreak A huge thank you to the Rotary Club of Bolton Daybreak We had the pleasure of receiving a £500 cheque presented by Rtn Clive Gardiner. the Rotary Club of Bolton Daybreak do fantastic work, please check them out. Checkout the great work the Rotary Club of Bolton Daybreak do HERE