A flyer for Open Access at Harmony Youth Project.

Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers Required WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS to help out with our Open Access sessions on Saturday evenings in Halliwell, Bolton. Whatever your talent is, we need you! Can you DJ, or are you able to play a musical instrument? Can you sing? Are you any good at photography or film making? Perhaps you can […]

Harmony Youth Project at Affinity Sutton Centre

New Youth Club

Harmony Youth Project Opens New Youth Club At The Affinity Sutton Centre   A popular youth club has branched out, establishing a base for children in Deane to take part in activities. Harmony Youth Project, based in Halliwell, has opened a satellite centre in the Affinity Sutton Centre, The Platt Hill Estate in Deane for local […]

Posters for the Affinity Sutton talent show

Affinity Sutton’s Got Talent

Are you Bolton’s next big star? Can you sing, dance, tell jokes, do magic, rap? If you love music, dance, photography or film, then come along to… Sutton Estate Community Centre, 34 Addington Road, Platt Hill, Bolton, BL3 4QZ It’s the place to be, every Wednesday 6pm ’till 9pm. –  1st session, 1st June, 2016, […]

The Youths of the Harmony Youth Project

Talent Show Inspired By Young People

Young people flocking to Harmony Youth Project over the summer holidays have inspired a talent competition. Over the summer break, Harmony Youth Project has been running a Friday night disco for teenagers in the area which has been hugely successful. Charlie Barrett, project manager, said: “The Open Access scheme has been very very successful. We […]

Charlie and a volunteer survey the work that needs doing

Youth Centre Revamp

Young People Appeal For Help As They Revamp Their Youth Centre   Teenager James Briggs is appealing to local people and businesses to invest in the young people of Bolton and help revamp a centre which he believes changed his life. The 18-year-old is the Chairman of the Junior Management Committee at Harmony Youth Project […]

Three young girls with microphones.

Lights Go Down On An Action Packed Summer

Young people had a blast over the summer holiday as they learned to dance like Beyonce and mix their own tunes. Summerzone, a multimedia summer school, shut its gates this week as the new academic year started. But organisers say because of its huge success, it will back again next year. Harmony Youth Project, in […]

Youth Project Hits Right Note With ‘At Risk’ Youngsters

Music could be hitting the right note in helping prevent young people dropping out of school. Halliwell based Harmony Youth Project has won a contract worth more than £30,000, to help teenagers as young as fourteen to become focused in school by using music and creative media. The contract is for Wigan Council, but the project […]

Let’s Stop Kids Giving Birth To Kids

Changes At Harmony To Help Beat Teen Pregnancies   TACKLING teenage pregnancy and alcohol misuse among young girls should be a priority according to the man behind one of the town’s most successful schemes for young people. Charlie Barrett, who runs the popular Harmony Youth Project, hopes his scheme to give girls the opportunity to […]

Harmony Spreads Around The Town

Youth Scheme Reaches Into Area Hit By Crime A GROUND-BREAKING youth group is moving into a new area of Bolton which has been blighted by anti-social behaviour. The Harmony Youth Project is setting up in Great Lever and will join forces with existing groups to work with young people in the area. Harmony, which has […]

Bolton Teenagers Worst For Quitting Work And Study

Bolton has one of the highest number of 16 year old Drop-Outs in the country. More than one in ten youngsters end up unemployed, the worst rate in Greater Manchester. They have neither gone on to further education nor found themselves a job. In December 2005, there were 1,110 youngsters aged 16 to 18 without […]