Tesco singer has her day!

keen singer!


MOST people hear Esther Bridge before they see her.

The keen singer is such a hit with staff at Tesco Express in Deane Road, customer assistant Chris Lowe has teamed up with Charlie Barratt at the Harmony Youth Project in Halliwell to treat her to a professional recording session.

The 77-year-old, who worked in a cotton mill before becoming a full-time mum to her four children, recorded three songs on to a CD — Those Were the Days, Stand By Your Man and All I want for Christmas.

Mrs Bridge, who lives in Deane, said: “The two were so lovely doing this for me. They are both so nice. It was wonderful.

“I was a choir girl but never took singing up professionally because I didn’t want to go to London and didn’t like travelling to Manchester on my own.

“I love singing, I like entertaining people and singing makes people smile and happy. They love me in Tesco!”

The grandma-of-four added: “It was amazing recording the songs. I put all these things on my ears!”

Mrs Bridge says she sings whatever comes to mind, but reckons Those Were the Days is her favourite.

Mr Lowe said: “Esther comes in regularly and is always singing when she is shopping and queuing. Sometimes she gets a round of applause. It is good fun, she is always in key and she does have a nice voice.

“I asked Charlie if we could organise a recording session and she was so excited when we told her, she just loves singing.

“In December we can play music in the shop and we may even play her CD.”

Mr Barratt said: “I use the same Tesco as Esther and she is always singing and everyone knows her. Chris approached me to see if we could do anything.”

Now Mrs Bridge’s excitement at being in a studio, has inspired a fundraising campaign where people who like to sing can go in and record a CD to support the Harmony Youth Project which gives young people a chance to explore their creative talents.

“Ester’s experience has inspired a fundraising campaign, where people who like to sing can come in and record a CD. The money they pay will go to support the project for young people.

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